Featuring some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and a friendly Carribean laid back vibe, Jamaica is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or swimming, make sure you’re ready for whatever illness may present by checking out our list of over-the-counter medicines available in Jamaica.

What are your symptoms?

Ailment/ComplaintAvailable in Jamaica as:Active Ingredient:Available in US as:
Pain relief/Fever Reducer
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Anti-inflammatoryAleveNaproxenAleve
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Anti-inflammatoryAspirin
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Anti-inflammatoryBayer AspirinAcetylsalicylic AcidBayer Aspirin
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Anti-inflammatoryBayer Low DoseAcetylsalicylic AcidBayer Low Dose ?
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Anti-inflammatoryDispirinAcetylsalicylic AcidAspirin
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Anti-inflammatoryEntrophen AspirinAcetylsalicylic Acid/Enteric CoatingEcotrin
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Anti-inflammatoryExcedrinAcetylsalicylic Acid/CaffeineExcedrin
Aches/Pains Fever ReducerPanadolAcetaminophen/ParacetamolTylenol/Generic Acetaminophen/
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer InsomniaPanadol PMAcetaminophen/DiphenhydramineTylenol PM
Aches/Pains Fever ReducerCetamolParacetamolTylenol/Generic Acetaminophen/
Aches/Pains CrampsCetamol MenstrualParacetamol/Caffeine/Pyrlamine MeleateMidol Complete
Cetamol PlusParacetamol/CaffeineExcedrin Tension Headache
Topical Pain Relief
Aches/PainsVoltaren EmuGel Diclofenac
Children's Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer
Aches/Pains Fever ReducerCetamol ChewablesAcetaminophenChildren's Tylenol Chewables
Aches/Pains Fever ReducerCetamol LiquidAcetaminophenLiquid Children's Tylenol
Aches/Pains Fever ReducerCetamol Infant DropsAcetaminophenTylenol Infant Drops
Aches/Pains Fever ReducerPanadol BabyAcetaminophenTylenol Infant Drops
Aches/Pains Fever ReducerPanadol Children'sAcetaminophenChildren's Tylenol
Cold and Flu
Sore ThroatChlorasepticPhenolChloraseptic
Nasal/Sinus Congestion Chest CongestionDifen ?Antihistamine/ExpectorantNot available in the US
Sore Throat Redness due to infectionStripsils Throat LozengesDichlorbenzyl/AmylmetacresolNot available in the US
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Nasal/Sinus Congestion CoughCetamol cold and Flu Multi-Symptom DayParacetamol/Pseudoephrine/DextromethorphanNot available in the US
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Nasal/Sinus Congestion Cough InsomniaCetamol Cold and Flu NightParacetamol/Pseudoephrine/Dextromethorphan/DiphenhydramineNot available in the US
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Nasal/Sinus Congestion CoughPanadol Multi-SymptomParacetamol/Pseudoephrine/DextromethorphanNot available in the US
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Nasal/Sinus CongestionAdvil Cold & SinusIbuprofen/PseudoephrineAdvil Cold & Sinus
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Itchy/Watery Eyes Runny Nose/Sneezing CoughDayQuil Cold and FluParacetamol/Phenylephrine/DextromethorphanDayquil Cold and Flu
Sore Throat Redness due to infectionCovina Throat SprayChlorhexidine Digluconate/HydrochlorideNot available in the US
Itchy/watery eyes Runny Nose/SneezingHistal Decongestant + Antihistamine SyrupChlorpheniramineNo known equivalent
Chest Congestion CoughMucinex DMGuaifenesin/DextromethorphanMucinex DM
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Cough Itchy/Watery Eyes Runny Nose/SneezingTheraflu Severe Cold and CoughParacetamol/Dextromethorphan/PhenylephrineTheraflu Severe Cold and Cough
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Itchy/Watery Eyes Runny Nose/Sneezing Noragesic-FluParacetamol/Phenylephrine/Caffeine/Vitamin CNo known equivalent
Benjamin's Flu ReliefIngredients not foundNo known equivalent
Dph CoughIngredients not foundNo known equivalent
Dph ExpectorantIngredients not foundNo known equivalent
Ferrol Compound Cough and Cold SyrupIngredients not foundNo known equivalent
Children's Cold and Flu
No Known Equivalent
Children's Cold Liquid DayIngredients not foundNo Known Equivalent
Children's Cold Liquid NightIngredients not foundNo Known Equivalent
Itchy/Water eyes Runny Nose/Sneezing Chest CongestionBenjamin's Children's CoughDiphenhydramine/ExpectorantNot available in US
Itchy/Watery eyes Runny Nose/SneezingBenadryl Allergy Ultra TablsDiphenhydramineBenadryl Allergy
Aches/Pains Fever Reducer Nasal/Sinus CongestionPanadol Allergy SinusParacetamol/PseudoephrineSudafed Head Cold & Sinus
Benjamin's Sinus and Allergy ReliefIngredients not foundNo Known Equivalent
Diarrhea Upset Stomach/NauseaPepto-BismolBismuth SubsalicylatePepto-Bismol
Heartburn Upset Stomach IndigestionTumscalcium CarbonateTums
Dica Antacid LiquidIngredients not foundNo Known Equivalent
Heartburn GERDZantacRanitidineZantac
Constipation IrregularityKonsyl PysillymPysillym FiberKonsyl/Metamucil
Constipation IrregularityMetamucilPysillym FiberMetamucil
H + Care Medicated WipesIngredients Not Found
Diabetic Supplies
Blood level testingAccu Check Preforma 50 ct
Accu Check Active 50 ct
Emergency Contraception

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