We Are BeWellAway

Some people are born to wander, others reluctantly sojourn to the far reaches of earth looking to support a business venture. Whether an extended weekend in the Caribbean, a semester abroad in Italy, or a two year Peace Corps deployment in Swaziland, we all have our reasons for being away from home. Here at Wellaway, we are committed to providing the destination specific health resources that allow you to continue your health traditions wherever in the world you may be, so that you can engage fully with your destination and leave enriched by the experience. Worry less, travel more, be Wellaway.

the face behind the mission

Maximus Nwozuzu is an avid traveler who has spent nearly half of his adult life as a healthcare professional.
He got his start working in a local New York pharmacy while in high school and then went on to complete his degree in pharmacy at St. John’s University.

After working in community health for several years, Max was ready for another challenge.
He went on to obtain his medical degree jointly between Howard University and Spartan Health Sciences University.  Given his interest in healthcare services administration and entrepreneurship, Max decided to earn his MBA. He is currently set to graduate from the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary in August 2017.

Given Max’s love of travel and healthcare, he was driven to start BeWellAway. During one of many trips abroad, he fell ill and found it challenging to readily identify remedies for common ailments.  This sparked the idea that this same issue had to be common amongst other avid travelers.

At that moment, the entrepreneurial fire was ignited and was inspired to marry his healthcare expertise to his passion of traveling and start BeWellAway.  His dream is to close the gap between illness and wellness for all the traveler of the world.
His goal is to make sure that you “BeWellAway”!